How Mount Sinai doctors deliver a new model of ‘neurohospitalist’ care

Mount Sinai neurologists needed to track patients across a large hospital — from ED to the ward floor to the ICU. For this innovative care model, they needed a solution as mobile as themselves.

The challenge

Mount Sinai is a leading US academic health system, and, like all good institutions, it is evolving.

The hospital found that they had many patients with complex neurological issues. This cohort needed specialist monitoring, but they didn’t fit into the traditional model of a dedicated unit for their care.

Meeting of clinicians and hospital administrators

As often happens with evolving care models, a team of doctors stepped up with a creative solution. The neurologists proposed a distributed ‘neurohospitalist service’ — delivering specialist care to patients wherever they were - the ED, the ward floor, or the ICU.

Cutting-edge medicine requires creative problem solving. However, while humans think outside the box, the tools we use need to be as flexible and innovative as the doctors using them.

The developing team wanted a flexible way to keep their diverse patient list organized. That way, they could focus on other new tasks.

Ideally, they could track each others’ progress through different sites and services, keeping a real-time list of patients with complex, comorbid issues.

They needed to customize their own forms in real-time as they were still learning what information they needed to gather and how to organize it.

There had to be a solution...

Everyone had a smartphone, but texting didn’t give a cohesive picture—and it wasn’t secure.

Their team needed a self-designed patient list that would evolve with them but standard consumer software was unwieldy. Word documents weren’t updated in real-time and cloud-based software like Google Docs lacked hospital approval for storing personal health information.

Then they found Listrunner.

The solution

The Listrunner app is a simple, secure patient hand-off app for hospital-based teams to easily coordinate staff and their patients.

When Mount Sinai staff found Listrunner, they were able to get started right away because the software was secure, approved, and easy to customize.

It was a low-risk solution designed for intuitive, instant adoption. No IT or funding approval was required. They tested the free trial, the entire team approved it, and they immediately started saving hours in patient hand-offs at the end of the day.

“Saves us hours in sign-out”

Dr. Joseph Diamond, Assistant Program Director, Neurology

The results

Listrunner can safely coordinate care in distributed workflows to improve patient outcomes, prevent error, and facilitate clinical innovation.

Get started right away, it's always free for clinical teams!

  1. Customize it to your existing workflow — even the printouts.
  2. Track tasks so nothing gets forgotten.
  3. Check patient updates from home or between sites.
  4. Transfer patients to nearby teams, and all the information goes with them.
"We’ve been using Listrunner for some time now, and we are so pleased with it! This application allows for extremely convenient access and modification of the sign-out by all members of our team, from the faculty to medical students. It also allows for seamless and highly efficient transitions of care between day teams and night or weekend coverage.”

Dr. Shanna Patterson, Medical Director, Neurologist

Change is notoriously difficult in hospitals.

Doctors want tools that make their lives easier — ideally as convenient as what they have outside of the hospital. When doctors are empowered with tools designed to fit their needs, they not only deliver better care but they are also less likely to burn out.

The Listrunner Team has helped over 10,000 clinicians in over 1,000 sites transform their workflow. We know how to make it easy!

Contact our clinical advisors to help develop a practice that meets the needs of your institution.

About Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai Health System includes seven hospitals and over 6,500 physicians, providing exceptional care to the New York City metropolitan area.

With two neuro-ICUs, two stroke centers, and a Level II Trauma Center, the neurohospitalist staff spans the continuum of neuroemergencies, including triage, inter-hospital transfers, neurocritical care, intraoperative monitoring, ICU recovery, TeleNeuro ICU, neuro-consults and neurohospitalist care.

About Listrunner

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner for secure sign-out on the care of over a half-a-million patients – for free! Listrunner is a HIPAA-compliant alternative to Google Drive, Evernote, email and text. PHI is encrypted end-to-end, securely stored, and audited.

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