How Louisville family medicine residency managed their inpatients

University of Louisville family medicine residency is a busy hub. Aside from outpatient clinics, the team also manages inpatients at three hospitals in downtown Louisville. They needed an efficient tool for hand-off communication, so that the residents, interns, and attendings could stay continuously updated.

The challenge

The Louisville family medicine residency is a fast-paced program that coordinates inpatient care at three urban hospitals in the downtown core.

The program directors knew that finding a better patient tracking system would help them meet ACGME accreditation. So, they decided to use the opportunity to make their junior staff’s lives easier, by selecting a tool everyone wanted to use.

The residency had an EHR for outpatient appointments, but they also needed to track inpatient care. Inpatients were also a diverse group. They covered a charity hospital with many high-acuity, low-insurance patients, a private hospital for the well-to-do, and finally, a pediatric hospital, and geriatric care.

The well-established program coordinated family practice attendings, residents, and interns. Each hospital had three or four residents per team, and one or two interns with two open calls per day.

Team of clinicians

They were open for business — all day, every day. But patient volume varied; it could be anywhere between two to 20 patients at a given time.

They needed a reliable way to maintain a central patient census, safely handling essential information.

The ideal solution would allow multiple people to update the list in real-time, in any location, regardless of the local EHR. (Bonus if it worked on mobile!)

Everyone had a smartphone, but texting didn’t give a cohesive picture. And it wasn’t secure.

The team tried standard consumer software, but it was unwieldy. They couldn’t find that critical balance between security, reliability, and portability. A cloud solution required multiple log-in passwords, and only one person at a time could edit the list. If a desktop computer failed, the Word document was lost. Encrypted thumb drives were portable, but not practical. Some software even lacked approval to store personal health information while customized clinical sofware was too expensive.

The entire team hunted for a solution — then the residents found Listrunner.

The solution

The Listrunner app is a simple, secure app for hospital-based teams to safely manage hand-off commmunication.

When the residency program found Listrunner, they were able to get started right away because the software was already HIPAA-compliant and easy to customize.

It was a low-risk solution designed for intuitive, instant adoption. No IT or funding approval was needed. They tested the free trial, the entire team approved it, and they started saving hours of extra work doing patient hand-offs at the end of the day.

"It just made a huge difference. And pretty quickly, it was obvious that we had to keep it because we would really risk revolt if we ever took it away."

Dr. Eli Pendleton, Associate Program Director, Family Medicine

The results

Listrunner can safely coordinate patient care across a group practice to increase efficiency, improve patient outcomes, prevent error, and facilitate patient hand-off.

“The fact that our entire team can use and update the list, from any device, across multiple hospitals… it’s been a game-changer for our inpatient services.”

Dr. Johnathan Becker, Program Director, Family Medicine

Get started right away— it’s always free for clinical teams!

  1. Use it on phone or web — even monitor your patients from home!
  2. Simultaneous updates from people working on mobile or web.
  3. Keep junior staff happy!
“I think it is wonderful because obviously as an intern you want to have all the information there. It's a quick reference for us to see on our phones. We don't have to have a million pieces of paper that we need to pull out of our pockets. It's saved my butt so many times, let me tell you.”

Dr. Hayley Heeseman, Intern, Family Medicine

All doctors want tools that make their lives easier, ideally with the same convenience they have outside of the hospital. Doctors equipped with tools that fit their needs not only deliver better care but are less likely to experience burnout.

“I really do feel the app is great, it's pretty seamless. I could tell it was made by someone who knew how inpatient medicine is supposed to go.”

Dr. Jason Hao, Resident, Family Medicine

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About Louisville Family Medicine Residency

This training program was established in 1971 and is affiliated with the University of Louisville Hospital, Jewish Hospital, Norton Children’s Hospital, and several community outpatient offices.

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Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner to securely collaborate on the care of over a half-a-million patients – for free! Listrunner is a HIPAA-compliant alternative to Google Drive, Evernote, email and text.

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