How BMC Ortho increased their efficiency

The Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Boston Medical Center has a large interdisciplinary staff. Several full-time ORs treat nearly 3,000 patients each year. They needed to optimize efficiency and coordinate their team — so they ditched their Excel spreadsheet and switched to Listrunner for a secure patient rounding list.

The challenge

The BMC Ortho department is a busy, high-throughput surgical ward.

Orthopedic surgery requires complex multidisciplinary care, but it also has a high turnover. BMC Ortho staff includes surgeons, five physician assistants, seven nurse practitioners, and an array of allied healthcare staff, including nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and doctors in training. All of them contribute simultaneously to the patient record and billable procedures.

In addition to this, hospitals make most of their revenue from orthopedics and neurosurgery, so it was critical that this service ran smoothly without interruption.

The department was looking for improvements. They needed a nexus for organizing patient information. But staff were spending too much time pecking through the charts for essential information.

Hospital Orthopedic Surgery

They wanted to compile critical data so both clinical and billing staff could use it—information such as the cause of injury (ie. MVA vs. workplace injury), length of stay, and rehabilitation plans.

Everyone had a smartphone, but texting didn’t give a cohesive picture, nor was it secure.

Staff tried keeping a spreadsheet on a network drive, but found that this solution wasn’t enough. Two people couldn't edit the document at the same time, plus staff couldn’t edit the list from home, and it didn’t work on mobile for clinicians in the OR and ER.

There had to be a solution...

They needed something that updated in real-time and stored critical information where everyone could see it simultaneously — preferably from a smartphone.

Then they found Listrunner.

The solution

The Listrunner app is a simple, secure app for hospital-based teams to easily coordinate staff and track their patients.

When the orthopedic surgery department group found Listrunner, they were able to get started right away because the software was already secure, approved, and easy to customize.

It was a low-risk solution designed for intuitive, instant adoption. No IT or funding approval was required. They tested the free trial and the entire busy team immediately approved and started tracking patient updates where everyone — billing and clinical staff — could see them.

“Using Listrunner is much better than the way we used to do billing at BMC. It ensures that nothing is lost and it gives me access to accurate information faster on a user-friendly application. It allows me to know why a patient came into the hospital and how the physicians plan on providing them care.”

Marie Holly, Orthopedics Billing Department

The results

Listrunner safely coordinated care in a busy ward to improve patient outcomes, facilitate billing, and prevent error.

Get started right away— it’s always free for clinical teams!

Use Listrunner to:

  1. Customize your existing workflow.
  2. Collaborate on patient lists from anywhere with mobile apps.
  3. Keep your entire team—from intern to billing office—on the same page.
“This app has worked very well for us. We use it for all of our inpatients. It allows simultaneous access, which is crucial to frequent updates. It can be used from terminal or phone and has really improved our flow and accuracy of activities. Prior to this, we had many translational errors in the daily workflow. We also use it to track outstanding tests after discharge.”

Dr. Paul Tornetta, Director, Orthopaedics

All doctors want tools that make their lives easier. They’d love the same convenience inside and outside of the hospital. That’s why this generation of doctors is focused on creating digital solutions to beat EMR-burnout.

Contact our clinical advisors to help develop a practice that meets the needs of your institution.

About Boston Medical Center Orthopedic Surgery

This group contains 15 specialty surgeons treating over 3,000 patients each year in the Boston-area.

The surgeons at BMC Ortho subspecialize in joint replacement, hand, pediatric, and spine surgery. The department also trains residents and interns from Boston Medical College.

About Listrunner

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner for secure patient hand-off! Listrunner is a HIPAA-compliant patient tracking list and an alternative to Google Drive, Evernote, email and text.

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