How Arizona neurosurgeons updated their specialty billing

Arizona Neurosurgery & Spine Specialists (ANSS) coordinate six specialty surgeons, operating at several hospitals in two busy metropolitan areas. They needed an easy way to coordinate interdisciplinary surgical care — from billing the clinic, through multiple ORs, and back for follow-up appointments.

The challenge

The ANSS neurosurgery group is an effective team of specialty surgeons serving the rapidly growing Phoenix metropolitan area.

The group earned operating privileges and OR time at several different hospitals.

Patients from the group’s practice might progress through several different charting systems for their operation before returning to their clinic for a follow-up appointment.

This highly efficient practice leverages nurse practitioners and an in-house billing team who all coordinate patient care and administration.

Team of clinicians

The team needed a reliable way to update both clinical sign-out and their charges in real-time, from multiple locations, regardless of their local EHR.

The surgical team needed a flexible way to track their patients in order to focus on providing cutting-edge service.

Everyone had a smartphone, but texting didn’t give a cohesive picture. And it wasn’t secure.

Self-designed lists were essential, but standard consumer software was unwieldy. Word documents weren’t updated in real-time and cloud-based software such as Google Docs lacked hospital approval for storing personal health information.

Then they found Listrunner - a HIPAA-compliant, secure rounding list.

The solution

The Listrunner app is a simple, secure app for hospital-based teams to easily coordinate staff and their patients.

When the neurosurgery group found Listrunner they were able to get started right away because the software was secure, approved, and easy to customize.

It was a low-risk solution designed for intuitive, instant adoption. No IT or funding approval was required. They tested the free trial and, the entire team immediately approved; they started saving money with enhanced tracking for their billable procedures.

“It serves as an extra check because the billing people look at the list and determine if everything has been billed or not. There were a lot of consults that never made it. And there were surgeries on the weekend or at night that would be forgotten, so we would lose that. But now, by having somebody in the office always looking at the new consults and what surgeries were done, we are able to capture that revenue.”

Dr. Jose Menendez, Neurosurgery

The results

Listrunner can safely coordinate care across distributed sites, improving hand-off communication, preventing error, and facilitating clerical tracking.

Get started right away. It’s always free for clinical teams!

  1. No charges fall through the cracks;
  2. Faster billing;
  3. The billing office can see what’s happening in the ward in real-time!
“Once we were able to get this stuff on the cloud and just update automatically, it definitely made our lives easier. The person who’s on-call at night just adds the list of patients. The next day when the team comes in, they can start seeing patients without actually having to discuss anything. It’s really been great for us.”

Dr. Jose Menendez, Neurosurgery

All doctors want tools that make their lives easier, ideally with the same convenience they have outside of the hospital. Doctors equipped with tools that fit their needs not only deliver better care but are less likely to experience burnout.

About Arizona Neurosurgery & Spine Specialists

This group contains six specialty surgeons, operating in multiple hospitals across two busy metropolitan areas— Phoenix and Peoria, Arizona.

The surgeons at ANSS specialize in complex spinal surgery – one of the most difficult and demanding surgical disciplines – as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques, neurotrauma, and cerebrovascular disorders.

About Listrunner

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner for secure sign-out on over a half-a-million patients – for free! Listrunner is a HIPAA-compliant alternative to Google Drive, Evernote, email and text. PHI is encrypted end-to-end, securely stored, and audited.

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