Why Listrunner is good for your career

Many doctors are tech-savvy, but don’t feel confident about using their aptitude in clinical practice.

After working with thousands of doctors across North America, we’ve learned that improving your workflow can be an easy win for your team — but it can also be a big win for you, too.

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Here’s why Listrunner’s a win-win for your career:

  • Leadership: When you lighten your workload, it makes your team happier and more efficient. This is the essence of good leadership, and people will notice.
  • Research: Implementing Listrunner is always a quality improvement. But by adding a simple efficiency metric to the process, you also make it a lean research project.
  • Skills: Digital skills such as introducing and managing clinical technology are increasingly essential for leaders.

The Need for Doctors in Tech

Modern doctors are buffering rapid technological change to keep a consistent standard of front-line care for their patients. Today's docs have seen a lot of tech in healthcare come and go. It's not always straightforward to maintain care delivery when the workflows are in such a state of flux.

For instance, in 1985 there were only about 1,000 computers connected to the internet; today, there are nearly 8.7 billion connected devices. Managing and incorporating this major sea-change is a difficult task. It requires that physicians have “reserves of optimism, courage, and resilience." according to senior managers of two large US health systems.

Data shows that clinicians are more effective and experience burnout less frequently when the technological tools they use are designed for clinical tasks. Doctors intuitively know this and now work smarter, not harder .

This is a window of opportunity for tech-savvy physicians.

Most clinical groups want technological expertise. In addition, interest in “clinical informatics” is growing as more hospital departments and residency programs accept the need to own the software development occurring in their environment.

The easy way to add high-tech competencies to your portfolio

Since the 1980 passage of the Patent and Trademark Law Amendments Act, hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic have been encouraging and recruiting clinician-inventors as they can patent and develop inventions using federal funds.

In the past, a great idea may have languished on the shelf. Now, however, academic medical centers can share the commercial success of this research. So, hospitals naturally recruit clinicians with a proven track record as innovators.

Even though many clinicians may want to develop their bioinformatics portfolio and do research in applied technology, when can they find the time?

Both in-training and staff doctors struggle to keep up with demanding workloads and maintaining a work-life balance. developing competency in clinical informatics and carving out time for an academic research project can be a daunting task.

We’d like to show you that a good clinical informatics project doesn’t have to be hard. In the past, healthcare software took time, funding, an IT department, and institutional buy-in for the hospital to adopt.

But clinical software has evolved.

Apps such as Listrunner can be implemented in a day. They can organically grow from one user to many. And, most importantly, they’d immediately improve clinical workflow in measurable ways.

Not only can clinical apps be natural to implement, but reporting is easy.

In Conclusion

If you decide to introduce Listrunner to your clinical group, you’re engaging in the simplest version of software development in medicine. Adapting a pre-approved clinical software that incorporates smartphones in the existing workflow is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate you have the tech expertise that medical hiring committees are looking for.

About Listrunner

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner to securely tracking over a half-a-million patients – for free! Listrunner is a HIPAA-compliant alternative to Google Drive, Evernote, email and text. PHI is encrypted end-to-end, securely stored, and audited.

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