How to talk to administrators about Listrunner

Achieving change in healthcare is no easy task. In fact, an entirely new field of “change management” has emerged in medicine just to meet this complex challenge.

As the interface between patients and the medical system, doctors have a unique perspective. We believe in empowering them to remodel their practice.

Fish jumping between bowls

At Listrunner, we’ve helped thousands of clinicians implement cutting-edge tools in clinical settings ranging from speciality practices to large hospitals. We know how to help doctors talk to administrators—and enact real change.

Here’s how we’ve been successful:

Intersecting interests

We take a pragmatic approach to the doctor-administrator dynamic.

While doctors and administrators work in a symbiotic environment (neither would last long without the other) each faces competing demands.

With years of experience in change management at dozens of hospitals, we’ve learned that the best tools offer a holistic solution. That means they help everyone in the clinical environment — doctors and administrators.

However, the simplest approval process usually involves presenting only the most relevant benefits to staff, which is discipline-specific. So, when we talk to doctors about Listrunner, we point out how it helps patients. But, when we talk to administrators, we show how it protects doctors and helps make them work more efficiently.

The easy way to approve Listrunner with your administrator

We’ve successfully implemented Listrunner in clinics both large and small, and our team of experts does all the heavy lifting. We can schedule a meeting to tell your administrator about Listrunner, deliver the security specs, and resolve any concerns.

In the meeting, we will take the time to outline the benefits of Listrunner from an administrator’s perspective, and meet any site-specific concerns.

Issues that Listrunner will address:

  1. Listrunner is secure. It will stop many clinical sites from hemorrhaging PHI on a daily basis.
  2. Listrunner battles physician burnout. It gives physicians control over their interface as well as a way to organize and manage their information.
  3. Listrunner enables more collaborative teams. Enhanced collaboration means safer, better care and more efficiency in reaching operational goals such as discharge-by-noon.

In conclusion

At Listrunner, we promote holistic solutions. For us, that means supporting both doctors and administrators to reshape the tools we rely on.

We respect the rules. We’ve done the hard work of making our software both contemporary and secure. So we're happy to dot the i’s and cross the t’s to ensure administrators are satisfied.

The main benefit of connecting us to your administrator is to help make your workflow safer and more efficient.

Two easy ways to get going with Listrunner:

1. Introduce us to your administrators by email and we’ll schedule a meeting and help you get approval.

2. Schedule a meeting anytime with us.

We’re always here and happy to help.

About Listrunner

Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner to improve hand-off communication – for free! Listrunner is a HIPAA compliant alternative to Google Drive, Evernote, email and text. PHI is encrypted end-to-end, securely stored, and audited.

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