Your list— now accessible anywhere and shared safely with your team

  • I-PASS
  • I-PASS

integrates with

  • mkesson
  • cerner
  • allscripts
  • Power up your workflow

    Power up your workflow

    Your list, updatable on the go and shared instantly with the whole team. Follow what’s happening from anywhere: your clinic, the OR, even from home.

  • Handover made easy

    Handover made easy

    Stop chasing loose threads. Be confident your information is up to date: Consolidated patient lists, all the night’s to-dos, and a complete timeline of key events.

  • Loud and clear communication

    Loud and clear communication

    Watch as tasks are done. See when results are in. Know the plans have changed. No more paging around to find out who knows what.

Your patient data is safe

Better security than the banks

State of the art security ensures that all patient health information is confidential and safe

Bringing you back to what matters: the medicine

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