Everything you wished your patient list could be.

How much time do you waste managing the list?

Be more efficient with the right information anywhere. Listrunner is a shared patient list that keeps your entire team on the same page.

  • Share updates with everyone

    Share updates with everyone

    Watch as tasks are done. See when results are in. No more paging around to find out who knows what. Nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Access anywhere

    Access anywhere

    Get your list on desktop, tablet, smartphone and in print. Follow what’s happening from anywhere: your clinic, the OR, even from home.

  • Power up your workflow

    Power up your workflow

    Stop wasting time with Word or Excel. Our list is customisable to fit how you work, not the otherway around.

  • Sign-out made easy

    Sign-out made easy

    Stop chasing loose threads. Be confident your information is up to date. Handover a consolidated patient list, all the night’s to-dos, and a complete timeline of key events.

  • Communicate loud and clear

    Communicate loud and clear

    New patients, the latest labs, or an unexpected event. Use comments and photos to communicate and discuss what’s important with the team.

HIPAA compliant

Your data is secure

Your patient information and team communications are safe.
All data is heavily encrypted end-to-end, securely stored and audited.
Listrunner is fully HIPAA compliant.


  • Smarter task lists

    Assign tasks to specific people and
    track their completion.

  • Push Notifications

    Notify those who need to know
    when important changes happen.

  • Comments & replies

    Capture updates and discussions
    in one place.

  • Full customisable lists

    Arrange your list to fit your needs.

  • Team management tools

    Manage who can see what.

  • Push Lab / Imaging Notifications

    No more hitting refresh.
    Get notified the minute results
    are available.

  • EMR Integration

    Instantly updated stats, vitals
    and meds, so your list is always
    up to date.

  • Auditing

    Complete logs for every action to
    give you peace of mind.



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Posted 06 July, 2014 Jeeshan Chowdhury By Jeeshan Chowdhury